Shri Dwakramai Seva Charitable Trust (R)

Shri Dwakramai Seva Charitable Trust (R), Bangalore is a Welfare and Charitable Organisation and was incorporated on the auspicious day of Gurupoornima on 7th July 2009 by a dedicated group of Sai Devotees. The Trust was inagurated by the President of Sai Spiritual Centre, Tyagarajanagar, Bangalore Shri.Seshadri.

With the Blessings and Grace of Shirdi Sai Baba, the Trust has grown day by day, by carrying out both Spiritual Activities as well as Social Activities. This has attracted a large number of devotees to the above Trust and the Trust was registered as a Public Charitable Trust on 27th August 2009.

The Trust is efficiently managed by a dedicated team of Sai Devotees.

Aims & Objectives of the Trust:

  • To impart and promote Universal Brotherhood as propounded by Sri.Shirdi Saibaba and practically illustrated by his own life and of his apostles – Sri.Narasimha Swamiji and Sri.Radhakrishna Swamiji in its widest form.
  • To impart and promote Sai-cult among people by way of conducting Satsangs, Bhajans and Discourses by men of Spiritual eminence and also to propagate the sai principle of service to mankind.
  • To build, maintain Sri Sai temple at prominent locations where there is no Sri Sai Baba temple in and around Bangalore for Sai devotees to visit and seek his blessings peacefully & conveniently.
  • To offer food as “Sai Prasad” to such Old age homes, Schools, Physically handicapped persons, Ashrams etc., who do not have any means of help and support for the daily basic needs.
  • To provide medical aid by way of Hospitalization, Operation, Medicines, other requirements for the needy and deprived class of society.
  • To print and publish and to sell or distribute gratuitously or otherwise books or leaflets, that the Trust may think desirable for the promotion of its objectives and schemes.
  • To carry on any other work which may seem to the Trust capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with and calculated directly or indirectly to promote any of the above mentioned objectives.

Activities of the Trust:

1. Annadanam at Old Age Homes and Blind Schools.
2. Distribution of Medicines to Old age people at Vruddashramas.
3. Distribution of Books, Bags, Plates etc., to the Orphanage students.
4. Medical Aid

5. Conducting Shirdi Yatra every year. 

First Anniversary Video of Shri Dwarakamai Seva Charitable Trust: